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Experience Inclusive Sunday Worship at Carleton Memorial United Church.

Join us for an enriching and inclusive Sunday Worship experience at Carleton Memorial United Church. Our doors are open to everyone who wishes to visit, regardless of background or belief.

During our services, we create a welcoming space for reflection and discussion, exploring how we can strive to live our best lives. Our thought-provoking sermons inspire meaningful conversations and encourage personal growth. Together, we seek to deepen our understanding and embrace the values that guide us.

After the service, we invite you to join us for fellowship in Morgan Hall. Connect with fellow worshippers over a warm cup of coffee, tea, and delicious snacks. This time of gathering allows for meaningful conversations, new friendships, and a sense of belonging within our vibrant community.

At Carleton Memorial United Church, we are proud to be an affirming congregation. We celebrate and embrace diversity, welcoming individuals of all gender orientations, abilities, ages, and sexual preferences. We believe that everyone deserves love, acceptance, and respect, and we strive to create an environment where all can feel valued and included.

Join us this Sunday as we come together to worship, reflect, and build connections. Experience the warmth of our community and discover how we can support each other on our individual journeys. At Carleton Memorial United Church, you’ll find a place where you are embraced for who you are.


Worship Leader

Alison Sales


Carol Gurofsky

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