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Looking for a way to spread joy and generosity this holiday season? Look no further than White Gift Sunday on December 17th!

White Gift Sunday is all about giving what you can in the spirit of generosity and sharing. This year, we’re proud to partner with Debra Dynes Family House to help bring joy to families in need. And we need your help!

On Sunday, December 117h, we’ll be accepting donations of staple foods such as rice, pasta, beans, lentils, baby cereal, cereals, canned tomatoes, canned fruit, granola bars (peanut-free), paper lunch bags, pudding packages for lunches, cheese and cracker snack packages, and more. Your donations will be wrapped in white paper or bags to symbolize the joy and purity of giving.

Donating to White Gift Sunday is a great way to make a difference in your community while getting into the holiday spirit. And with so many families in need this year, every donation will make a difference.

So please, mark your calendars for White Gift Sunday on December 17th and consider making a donation. Your generosity will bring joy to those in need and help to make this holiday season a little brighter for everyone. Thank you in advance for your support!

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