Get ready for the upcoming Fall Bazaar on November 4th with a delightful treat that has been cherished for generations. Dive into our famous heritage meat pies, crafted using the 73-year-old CMUC traditional recipe made from 100% lean ground beef. Choose from our freshly prebaked pies for immediate consumption or select the frozen variant if you prefer to relish them later.

Sizing & Pricing:

    • 10-inch Pie: Ideal for sharing or for those with a bigger appetite. Priced at $16.
    • 3-inch Individual Serving: Perfect for a single serving or to sample the taste. Available for just $5.

For those who prefer a smaller portion or wish to enjoy a taste on-the-go, we also offer meat pie slices at our café during lunchtime at the Fall Bazaar!

How to Place Your Order:

Don’t miss out on this chance to experience a piece of tradition, especially crafted for you. Order now and ensure your pie is ready for pickup on the event day!