Last night as I arrived home after our first Tuesday evening summer service, Susan and I watched the very end of a wonderful movie. It was Rosalind Russell in “Auntie Mame.” After it was over we realized there was something familiar and something strange about it. What could it be? AHA! This was the dramatic/comedy version, not the musical. The musical movie version starred Lucille Ball, the stage version starred Angela Lansbury and I remember Ethel Merman singing the title song. Susan remembered it from playing in a musical production in her high school. So many different ways to experience this story.

Sometimes we do that – an experience is different yet reminds us of something else we are more familiar with. Last evening was like that. It was a church service on Tuesday evening. It was familiar – yet different. We sat in Morgan Hall, not the sanctuary. Music was led by a guitar not organ. We sat in chairs in a circle, not in pews in a row. But we prayed. We sang. We heard scripture. And we worshipped. It was church. If you missed it, you have another chance. Next Tuesday, July 7th at 7:00 p.m. we worship again on Tuesday evening, in Morgan Hall. A guest speaker will be Kathryn Fournier who will speak of some perspective on the Truth and Reconciliation experience. Come and experience worship in a different way.

Things are more relaxed around the church these days as vacation has come upon us. I have heard some wonderful stories of trips planned, a “staycations” (vacations at home). Summer gives us all a chance to relax, soak up the sun, enjoy strawberries and see old friends. May your summer be good.

Remembering the bell ringing experience of Carleton Memorial and The United Church of Canada a couple of weeks ago, there is a joke I wanted to pass on as a chuckle:

Once there was a church that had a bell that no one could ring. Day after day the bell sat silent and no matter how hard anyone pulled on the rope, no matter what adjustments were made, the bell sat silent.

One day a young man came to the minister and said he would like to try and ring the bell. The minister said “Sure, but no one else could ring it.”

The young man ran up into the bell tower and ran straight into the bell, face first. The people were so happy as the bell rang loud and clear. The young man had the job every Sunday of ringing the bell.

One Sunday however as the young man went up to the bell tower he fell and died.

The minister said to the congregation, “Does anyone know this young man’s name? Because I don’t know him, but his face rings a bell!”