Hello all:

I was struck, as you might have been that at the cenotaph or War Memorial, people came forward after the ceremony and deposited their poppies on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  I observed Remembrance Day in Aylmer Quebec and the same thing happened – after the ceremony, people left their poppies on the cenotaph. As a ritual it was beautiful to watch. It was very quiet. People moved reverently, and some said a prayer or paused for a moment or two right at the spot. After all the cannons booming and the CF 18’s overhead, the beautiful bagpipes skirling, and the trumpet playing the Last Post there was silence.

It was a chance for individual persons to come forward and make their own remembrance. I saw men and women, children and seniors, those who had been born here, and those who came as immigrants. There were people in uniform and people in everyday clothing. There were Canadians of all stripes coming in unison, with a common cause. It was awe inspiring.

These kinds of events happen rarely. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, it happens to people of faith all the time. It happens when we gather to take communion together. It happens when we offered our written prayers on the prayer wall. It happens at a baptism. It happens when a prayer or a hymn, or a message from the preacher hits home. It is a holy experience. Let us treasure those moments.  Peace be with you.

See you Sunday.

Rev Boyd