Ghostly Reflections in the PleiadesHello friends.

It is now 2016. Remember that when you write the date.

Time moves on, and we move along with it. We have moved through the Advent and Christmas season, and are now in the season of Epiphany. It is the season where we are encouraged to see the light of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Vague theological imagery, I know, but this time of year is very special. We are encouraged in this dark wintertime, to see light – of hope and promise. A light we don’t necessarily see physically but maybe … feel. Have you ever sat in the warm sun on a summer day? You close your eyes and while you do not see the sun or light, you can certainly feel it – on your skin, through your closed eyelids. It is the same with the Holy Spirit.

You may not see this Spirit, but you certainly feel it. Feel it in the work you do, sharing with others, welcoming a desperate refugee, feeding a hungry stranger, sing a song of faith, march in a peace march, feel the tears of joy, or grief. The Spirit is always with you. You just need to stop and feel her presence.

I hope you had a gentle Christmas, and that your plans for 2016 are good. Walk with the Spirit, early in the morning, walk with the Spirit the livelong day.