Good morning friends:

I hope you have been able to move about in this wet and icy weather. Please be careful.

This Sunday February 28th is the Annual General Meeting for CMUC. The meeting will occur after worship (which will be shorter than usual). This event is a regular occurrence where we review the past year – programs, people, finances – and plan for the coming year, specifically agreeing to a budget. All sounds normal and quite boring. But this year we are celebrating the Vision Work that has been happening over the past year. Work that has suggested (and been approved by the congregation) that we would see ourselves as serving and being open to the community around us. This includes such things as renting some space in the building to groups and individuals – such as the Meditation Group, a flute group, Navy Cadets and a marvellous Brownie pack. We are suggesting we might want to modify the space in the sanctuary we use for worship – by removing some or all of the pews – to create more space for community groups, and/or the Carleton Memorial Day Care. We are also suggesting we will become an Affirming Congregation to open ourselves to all members of the community including gay and lesbian folks (LGBTQ community).

As we contemplate the future of Carleton Memorial and our very existence these are important issues which need your interest and advice, not to mention some leadership and work. Please attend this Annual Meeting which will start right after the Worship service on Sunday.

Blessings to you all.

Rev. Boyd