Dear Friends,
Lent has begun. A time where we might take the opportunity to reflect on ourselves, our faith, and our relationship with God, who calls us to extraordinary things.
During this coming Lent season, we will journey through reflecting on our Family Stories – stories of children becoming adults, relationships with families, the family farm, love, feasting and caring. tragedy and boundless joy.
Family stories are not only our personal families – my, how families have changed for us – our parents, siblings, spouses, and all the variations therein. But family is a wide communal event as well. The recent welcoming of Syrian refugees is a Family of Canada Story. The struggle in all churches to  undertake and determine the future is a Family Church Story. It is no less so for our Carleton Memorial Family, as we face choices before us. The United Church of Canada is a Family Story too. I invite you to hear Moderator Jordan Cantwell’s message about Lent and our journey.
Blessings to you all,
Rev. Boyd.