The season of Pentecost and the Sunday of Pentecost is upon us. Compared to Christmas and Easter, this might not seem to be too much of a deal. However, there are those who would say that the most significant time for the Christian Church is Pentecost. This is because Pentecost comes at a time of significant growth in the message of Jesus, and this new way of being. There is some preaching and healing action by the disciples and followers who multiply exponentially. At this time of Pentecost, it is a little bit after the resurrection story, and the followers have wanted to know how they will continue. What shall we do? With whom? How will we know? In United Church language, it seems like they have all done most of the JNAC report, but they don’t quite know a few things yet. And so there is this miraculous story of flames of faith, and all people regardless of language, able to understand each other. It all comes with the rush of wind and fire, and voices. It is a very exciting time. A time when it is the followers must lead. It is the beginning of what will become the Christian Church. A church in all its various denominations and variations. A church which is found in all corners of the world. A church that is changing now, as it has always been changing. Carleton Memorial United Church is very much a part of this great movement of faith communities in the Christian tradition. Therefore, you are invited to attend church this Sunday May 15th for Pentecost Sunday. The custom is that we all wear something red on Sunday. The brighter the better.