tlp_aHave you ever found yourself doing something routine and then suddenly become aware that your mind has wandered off and you cannot really remember continuing to do whatever it is you were doing?  Reading.  Washing dishes.  Vacuuming.  Bicycling.  For me, sometimes saying the Lord’s Prayer can be like that.  I say the words without thought … so my mind feels free to wander.  Sometimes I say the Lord’s Prayer and the words seem empty, something to recite without really meaning or believing.  Other times I get distracted by certain words.  I pause, reconsider, wonder if these ancient words are still alive and life-giving today.

This Sunday we will be reflecting on the Lord’s Prayer during our worship service, based on a service created by Paul Sales.  Please join us on this journey.

Following the service we will be having Strawberry Shortcake and the congregational picnic!