Dandelions have been on people’s minds a lot lately it would seem – likely because they just seem to be EVERYWHERE following the huge amount of rain we have had. My neighbour spent the entire weekend digging them up and she is still not done.

Trisha Elliott, my partner, loves them because she’s into the hidden side of life’s stories – it’s what makes her such a good writer. In fact, she’s taking a botany class right now so she can forage safely and not kill us in the process. Actually “us” is a bit of a stretch, because the boys will NEVER eat what she forages and I’m the guinea pig – “Honey, come taste this…” But I digress…

The poor dandelion. So maligned and misunderstood. Recently I discovered that the dandelion represents so many of the qualities that we value.

Things like – peace and courage and confidence. Things that we can all agree are good. Here’s an interesting link – http://www.whats-your-sign.com/symbolic-dandelion-meanings.html

(A topic for another time – but I really wonder if Jesus didn’t choose the lily with a similar purpose – because the place of lilies in his time and the dandelion are oddly alike. For Christians, I am thinking the dandelion is not as pagan as we may think – even though the link is new age. A quick foray into Google images shows that Christian movements are picking this up.)

Aren’t all of us like the dandelion at some point in our lives?

What lies within us – our hopes – our fears – our dreams- are not what the world sees. Sometimes that’s because we haven’t got ourselves sorted out. Sometimes that’s because the world can be a cold and cruel place. At the core of this lies faith – because faith changes perception – perception changes hope – hope changes action – action makes a difference – a difference changes faith… and we come full circle.

Which is the message of this blog – an invitation to find the heart of the dandelion that lies within you. And an invitation to imagine how faith can nourish you, can inspire you and propel you to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Inspired by the dandelion, ponder these 4 simple questions as you walk the into the intersection of your dreams, the reality of the world and what the world has told you you’re worth.

In the back of your mind, as you are able and in your own way, think of a loving presence that is God as you understand God to be. Let your answers to these questions float to the surface and rise up to that presence.

Imagine that presence holding them for a time until they form into something that resonates with you …

Stretch your soul a little to make room for it …

What is it in you that you would like to take flight and leave a mark on the world for the better?


Has the world ever called you a “weed” in some way? Did you believe that about yourself? Why or why not?


Where in your life have you held on to a secret desire to serve the world that you held on to because you were afraid? (photo credit – Mini Makhija)


At the heart of the Christian message is the desire to overcome and the belief that we do this together by faith. As there are three flowers here, how do faith, you and a community combine to help people overcome?

Do you see things differently now? Could you share your thoughts, if that’s okay?

We’d love to hear your story of faith.

Have a great rest of the week! Be a blessing.

Rev. Eric Lukacs