The “Something You Can Actually use Without Working Too Hard” Series


It’s summer, a time when we do whatever it is we do to recharge so that our inner voice can be heard again. Wouldn’t it be neat if we could find a way to actually learn from what we have to say to ourselves, and do it through osmosis?

During the lazy days of August we will be sauntering along our journey trusting that our inner voice has something comforting, loving, and important to teach us. Rev. Eric has developed a five week program for our August services based on Biblical philosophy and modern personal and team building principles. If you would like an electronic copy, please email Rev. Eric at serve_one_another@hotmail.com.

Join us for Wednesday worship in August at 7 pm, in a relaxed space; it will feel almost like you are on your own back deck enjoying the last bits of summer.

-Rev. Eric Lukacs