Mother Teresa said that “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

It sounds great. BUT – does it make a difference?

And by a difference, I mean a REAL difference?

I’m going to try to see …

Part of my personal faith lies in the profound belief that each of us has the natural capacity for good. I am going to put that belief to the test.


So here is what I am thinking.

Starting today, and for the next month I will try to do one random good deed per day. That is to say, to live in such a way as to not second guess things when I feel a call to do something loving, even it seems out of the blue – to not act so much in a premeditated way but a faithful way.

I’m going to journal and share what comes out of that here in this blog.

While there is nothing new about this – though I haven’t heard much of it lately. The wrinkle for me is to try to see if there is a difference being made – in me, in you, in our communities. (So I’m not talking about a gratitude diary or mindfulness journey. I’m talking about being intentional in acting and seeing what happens.)


Just as surface tension pulls dew drops together, is there really a special energy to doing loving things that pull people together?


Why am I doing this now, at this time? Because to be truthful, I need it.

I need it because I am finding the atmosphere out there – in the news, in the stress we are under, in the mistrust between people of different cultures – increasingly cynical, rude and angry.
I am making a conscious choice to not fight fire with fire…

For sure there is much to be angry with and our Canadian society may in fact be at a pivotal point right now. But angry, rude and cynical responses will not make anything better.

I’m not saying that I’m holier than thou by any means. Far from it. If I fear anything in this experiment, it’s that I am about to face all the times I have been part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

But facing those things – that’s the real point of faith, no?

Stay tuned…

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

Rev. Eric Lukacs