Here is a riddle for you.

A man stands 100 meters from a door way. Each move the man makes towards the doorway takes him half way to the door.
How many moves does the man have to make in order to pass through it?

Moving from A to B requires any variety of moves depending on where you are headed. But one thing that all journeys of change share in common is that they require is a decision to move.

Do you have an answer? If so, I invite you to share it below.

How many different colors can you see here? Which ones attract you? Why? In a very real way, this is a conversation about how your conception of what lies in the realm of “higher”. Put all that together and you’ve got the makings of your relationship to “G_D” and how that relationship helps you navigate your life.

Why am I writing this?

It’s because in the last two days, I have watched the latest leadership debate in Ontario, attended the National Prayer Breakfast here in Ottawa and attended a regional meeting of our local United Churches, numbering 52 “parishes” (some of which contain more than one church).

The need for change and the “doomsday – it’s all going to hell in a hand-basket” sentiments that accompany that topic were there to varying degrees. If you listened carefully, there were messages of concrete honesty about what is currently in need of change. And there were also messages about things that may be going better than we think.

But I will admit, frankly, that it has been a lot of work to separate the colors – which ones were truly bright (all change brings new life) – which ones were gray (all change brings loss) – which ones were real and which were imagined (all change includes some confusion).

Here’s my take on the lessons that the little riddle has to offer.

In all the conversations that I shared or witnessed, one person added a most salient comment for the GOOD – G_D. His comment was this – “We must always remember to start with relationships. I always try to go back to that.”

That was a comment from Pastor Sean Brandow.

He’s the chaplain of the Humblodt Broncos.

Sit with that for a while.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

Rev. Eric Lukacs