Does church make a difference? Does it have it applications in the real world? Is it worth your time even?

Consider yourself encouraged to attend our upcoming sermon series that – yes – will be worth your time.

This series is about how we walk – both physically and spiritually – and how that literally shapes us for the better.

I did not dream this up out of nowhere. It’s not a gimmick. It is rooted in real life, inspired by the lives and faith of engaged people who form Carleton Memorial’s Christian Development Group. It’s a group whose sole purpose is to think seriously about how we live out our values – from the way we express them to the way we put them into actual practice.

At CMUC – we believe that theology is where what is “above” and what is “on the ground” intersect. You might say that grass roots theology is a way to preach to each other by learning to really listen to each other. In this way – we journey together.

And the journey also spans time and space … The images that we will be using in our PowerPoint worship presentations are from my college friend Dieter Riedel. He has produced a collection of black and white photographs that he calls: Insomniac Theatre. They are middle-of-the-night glimpses of downtown Toronto – and the ones he is sharing with us tell a story all on their own. He has intentionally selected them based on this theme as well. He is very much journeying with us – and we with him.

This series will be a true mind-body exercise – as in exercising your spirit in the same way you would exercise your body or your mind.

Photo Credit – Dieter Riedel. Copyrighted. Used with permission.

Here’s the series schedule. (All services at 10:30 am –

APRIL 28th – Spiritual Journey – Earthly Walk. (Introducing the theme. Life’s events are not in our control. How we choose to react is. Be moulded to react well.)

MAY 5th – Hike (Long walk, especially but not necessarily in the country or wilderness. Their character and the character it takes to walk them. )

MAY 12th – Saunter (Walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort. Exploring what it means to walk on “Holy Ground.”)

MAY 19th – Traipse (Walk or move wearily or reluctantly. The importance of walking through the challenges of life – rather than around them.)

MAY 26th – Roam (Move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area. Where searching for wellness can feel like roaming. It’s a fact.)

JUNE 2nd – March (Walk with a regular measured tread. Finding a discipline that works for you – and sticking to it.)

Photo Credit – Dieter Riedel. Copyrighted. Used with permission.

So often, I see and hear people dismiss religion as nothing more than useless superstition.

This is your chance to discover there is another way.

CMUC – Come find the difference.

Be Blessed. Be a blessing.

Rev. Eric Lukacs