At Carleton Memorial United Church, we recently had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful event aimed at connecting communities and nurturing the environment. Our shared meal and community garden planting brought together two of the five families from Debra Dynes Family House who will be planting in the garden beds, along with four members from Carleton Memorial United Church, Nicole from Watersheds Canada, and Charlie from Greening Sacred Spaces. The event represented a shared commitment to creating a thriving community garden.

The outcome of this event goes beyond the physical act of planting seeds; it speaks to the transformative power of community. By bringing together diverse individuals and organizations, we created an environment where connections were formed, understanding was cultivated, and shared goals were embraced. The collaboration between Debra Dynes Family House, Carleton Memorial United Church, Watersheds Canada, and Greening Sacred Spaces exemplifies the strength that lies in unity and collective action.



Our community garden stands as a symbol of growth, resilience, and unity. We envision it as a space that not only provides nourishment for our bodies but also nurtures relationships and fosters a sense of belonging. With each passing day, we will watch as our garden flourishes, reminding us of the power that lies in community engagement and the positive impact we can have on our environment.