As the summer season approaches and activities wind down, we celebrated the last euchre evening of the season at Carleton Memorial United Church on Monday, June 19. It was a fun event that brought together both familiar faces and new friends in an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendly competition.

One of the highlights of the season was the road sign that had been strategically placed to catch the attention of passersby. It proved to be a fantastic way to draw in newcomers to our euchre events. In fact, over the course of the season, we were delighted to welcome five new people who joined us for an exciting game of euchre. However, the grand finale was on Monday, when six new individuals showed up, surpassing our previous record!

The Carleton Memorial United Church extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated, both regular attendees and the new players who added a fresh spark to the event. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to the community for their support and enthusiasm throughout the euchre season.

Although the euchre evenings may be taking a brief hiatus, we eagerly look forward to the start of the next season. Until then, let us treasure the memories, continue fostering new friendships, and embrace the spirit of unity that these evenings have brought to our church community. Our next Euchre Evening will be held on September 18.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer filled with joy, relaxation, and memorable experiences. See you in September!